Building the Future of Mobility – BMW “i Interaction Ease”

Enabling BMW's visionary prototype: the “i Interaction Ease” with a truly Intelligent Personal Assistant for your car and intuitive usability.

Connected BETA Labs, BMW
IoT/Embedded Development

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Thomas Frommann
Connected BETA Labs, BMW
The Outcome

Our Final Result


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The Outcome

Our Final Result


A fully functional prototype of an intelligent personal assistant for a car: The BMW i Interaction Ease.

at CES 2020

Building a Central Intelligence for a Car

  • Gaze-recognition for natural user interaction
  • Seamless workflow of geolocation, gaze- recognition, and AR windscreens
  • A powerful tech statement at CES 2020, showcasing BMW’s vision for the future of mobility.

BMW wanted to create a working prototype for the CES 2020. In a team of highly capable project partners, we created the “i Interaction Ease”, that focuses on natural and intuitive interaction.

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Creating a truly intuitive and visionary car travel experience required a number of different emerging technologies, which need to interact between each other.

Coordinating Different Emerging Technologies

The visionary and user-oriented requirements from BMW required the use of several different emerging technologies. All those different technologies had to be integrated into one seamless and user-friendly system. The desired natural and intuitive interaction required a car intelligence that coordinates between the different systems.


We led the integration of each sub-system to ensure seamless user interaction, coordinating all features (e.g. gaze recognition) for the Intelligent Personal Assistant, the “i Interaction Ease”.


All About BMW

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Experience

The BMW Group is a worldwide leading provider of premium products and services for individual mobility. The publicly listed company has their headquarters in Munich and one of Germany’s biggest corporations. To provide an unforgettable driving experience, BMW continuously sets new standards in an intuitive and natural way.

The Process

Tackling the Challenge in a Four-Step Process


BMW approached us and the other project partners with their ideas, focussing on innovative human-machine interactions. Key questions were: What enables you to interact with your environment? How do you communicate with your car? How can you interact with your car naturally and intuitively?

Proof of Concept & Prototype

Quickly and reliably prove that the solution is technically possible before investing too much money. We deliver technical proof of concepts in no time. The best way to create products people love is through rapid prototyping. We focus on fast ideations and customer-centricity.


Tap into the market with your first MVP (minimal viable product) to get real feedback from real customers. We deliver a quality product with a focus on key functionalities.

Support & Maintenance

We’re not just delivering the result. During the support phase, we make sure that the solution is perfectly integrated. Additionally, we can gradually adjust the product functionalities, based on your users' feedback.