Digital Twin to Optimize Siemens Healthineers’ Supply Chain

Optimizing Siemens’ complex healthcare supply chain through a proactive, user-friendly digital twin factory. An agile and user-centric project.

Siemens Healthineers AG
Data Science

“Not only do we get the improvement on the supply chain management, but it is also a very good opportunity for Siemens Healthineers to get to know and implement the agile working framework by working with SCRUM.”

Xinya Xu
IT Project Manager & Data Scientist for Digitalization and IoT
The Outcome

Our Final Result


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The Outcome

Our Final Result


In this use-centric project we built a digital twin of Siemens’ factory, which integrates delivery, stock, and material requirements data.

in Production Facilities

Optimizing a Supply Chain With Complex and Sensitive Data

  • Easy and reliable detection of bottlenecks, identify the weak spots in working processes, such as just-in-time delivery or make-to-order-production.
  • Agile project management, enabling Siemens to approach their own future projects differently.
  • Stable, scalable and robust digital twin for supply chain management in the heavily regulated healthcare sector.

Together, we optimized Siemens’ complex healthcare supply chain through a proactive, user-friendly tool built in an agile and user-centric project.

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Siemens needed a robust tool to manage their complex, sensitive and embedded supply chain data.

Complex and Sensitive Supply Chain Data From Different Sources

Existing business intelligence tools failed to display the complex relations between data, especially when large amounts of data from different sources are involved. The challenge was to build a tool with a better, intuitive and more precise overview of the production and the process as well as to forecast possible supply bottlenecks.

Dilemma: One Tool Is Not Enough, More Tools Are Too Complicated

Additionally, the solution had to work within a complex supply chain that involves sensitive data from multiple sources embedded in a large corporate infrastructure. Despite the strongly regulated healthcare sector, Siemens needed an agile and user-centric project management to quickly reach their goals.


The end product was a stable, scalable and robust digital twin for supply chain management in the heavily regulated healthcare sector.


All About Siemens Healthineers AG

With innovative medical solutions, Siemens Healthineers AG enables healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver high-quality care.

The portfolio of the Siemens Healthineers AG spans from in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostics to image-guided therapy and innovative cancer care and is crucial for clinical decision-making and treatment pathways. The publicly listed company is renowned for patient twinning, precision therapy, as well as digital, data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Process

Tackling the Challenge in a Four-Step Process


The first phase was the ideation con conceptional matter like the most important data, crucial functions, desired UI and other technical requirements.


Next, we developed the proof of concept. It was the first version that allowed data processing as well as data integration from different sources.


In the third phase, we developed an MVP that integrates the whole infrastructure, including data, design, and additional functions like language options.

Testing and Deployment

Before deploying the digital twin, we went through an extensive two-week testing phase within the corporate environment.