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Agile process optimization through detailed analysis, tailor-made AI solutions and process automation.

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Consultation on Process Optimization with New Technologies

Optimizing Production & Business Processes – Overcoming Challenges With New Technologies

Business processes never sleep. Those who fail to adapt will fall behind.  

Staying competitive is more challenging than ever. Trends and developments such as data security, resilient supply chains, or managing corporate knowledge for faster employee onboarding and offboarding require digital process optimization. In particular, AI process optimization holds tremendous, often untapped potential. Artificial intelligence and other technologies open new paths and are crucial for enhancing efficiency, speed, and effectiveness in businesses.

Technology-Driven Optimization: Consulting for Enhanced Efficiency

Consulting in process optimization for a profound understanding and technology-supported improvement:

Business Process Analysis

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The foundation for effective business process optimization is profound knowledge. We connect and visualize individual, context-related information, thereby improving its accessibility.

Reducing Complexity

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The use of new technologies helps in managing or reducing complexity in process optimization. This is particularly impactful when multiple departments, systems, or process groups interact.

Human-Machine Interaction

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We advise on improving human-machine interaction and cross-departmental communication. Utilize technology-driven business processes for the efficient use of tools and systems.

Increased Efficiency

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We assist you in optimizing business processes using digital product or process twins or AI process optimization of supply chains, sustainability, product design, or administration.

Our Philosophy in Production & Business Process Optimization

Based on strategic needs, our processoptimization consulting combines three aspects to develop a suitable solutionwith you: business requirements (profitability), user needs (appeal), andtechnological capabilities (feasibility).

  • A technical solution for process optimization must meet the needs ofyour organization and deliver a real ROI. We select relevant technologies and customize them accordingly.
  • Optimizing business processes usually starts with connecting base systems, data, and your domain experts. In a structured way.
  • Deriving additional insights by analyzing your business processes and optimizingfurther aspects, based on this deep understanding.

From Robotics to AI: Achieving Process Optimization with Various Technologies

  • Retrofit sensor solutions for continuous data collection, tracking of lifespan, and as a basis for data-driven process optimization through artificial intelligence.
  • Data management systems like Snowflake to bridge (data) silos and enable seamless, digital process optimization.
  • AI process optimization with knowledge graphs for faster information exchange and improved understanding.
  • Robot-controlled process optimization (RPA), (Edge) Machine & Reinforcement Learning for process automation and self-learning processes.

We advise you on which potential technologies best suit your specific use case.

Our Project Phases

Agile Process Optimization
in 3 Phases

We tailor our consulting approach to yourspecific needs and circumstances. Regardless of whether your company hasalready defined a concrete use case for process optimization or whether we needto identify and evaluate one together: We can support you agilely throughoutthe entire process.

Understand and Elaborate | Motius GmbH

Understanding Processes

  • Evaluate the status quo and potential opportunities (with processmining, process walks, value stream analyses, data or IT checks)
  • Develop areas of action and possible levers
  • Determine an overall concept, roadmap, and business value concept with aconcrete ROI
  • Set appropriate KQIs and KPIs for agile process optimization
The Modern Data Stack Solution | Motius GmbH

Generate Added Value

  • Holistic concepts and solutions (technical, business, user-optimized)
  • Involve stakeholders and experts in the change and create responsibilities
  • Implement solutions and drive optimization opportunities based on measured values
  • Scale process optimization along the company's value chain
Adjust and Improve Phase | Motius GmbH

Agilely Improve and Adapt Processes

  • Turning services into solutions
  • Evaluate actual improvements based on defined key figures and factors
  • Improve the operational application, processes, functions or user-friendliness
  • Implement process optimization and measure the impact
Our Services

Our Technology &  
Process Know-How ​

Revolutionize Your Processes with Tech

We advise you on finding the best technicalsolutions to revolutionize your processes and develop production-readysolutions with our tech expert team.

Our Tech Expertise at a Glance

  • Software Development
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DevOps and MLOps
  • Robotics
  • Embedded Development
  • Digital Design (UX/UI)
  • Frontend and Backend Development
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Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Empower your business with a modern(AI-capable) data architecture. This advances agility, scalability, and actionable insights.

Unlocking Growth Fields with Data

  • Companies that leverage a modern data architecture achieve up to 9% moreorganic revenue growth than their competitors.
  • Instant Insights: Make informed decisions with real-time data andanalytics.
  • Cost-efficient Solutions: Optimize your investments with cloud-nativetools and modular platforms.

Our experience with industry leaders like Siemens, BMW, and Trumpf has proven the transformative impact of a unified and integrated data landscape. The result? More efficient reporting processes and the development of innovative products.

The Modern Data Stack Solution | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Save time and increase your productivity withLLM (Large Language Models)-based Document AI. Our intelligent solution for document processing with AI can quickly search through extensive documentation and generate precise answers to complex questions.

AI Process Optimization: Efficient Document Search & Precise Answers

  • Drastic reduction in time spent searching through extensive documents
  • Precise and relevant answers based on direct document references
  • Seamless integration into various internal document storage systems

Document AI tools, or intelligent document processing with AI, accelerate and enhance internal knowledge management. For instance, at Betalabs, a successful tool implementation resulted in significant time savings. The tool also guarantees the quality of the results, making it an effective way to use AI for process optimization.

Document QA | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advntages

Seamless, digital process automation forincreased efficiency, growth, and better decision-making.

Process Automation for Smooth Operations

  • Structured approach to process automation, from potential identification to the implementation of concrete, short- and long-term solutions.
  • Evaluation of the technical possibilities, actual user needs, and the ROI of process automation - tailored to the current situation and future plans of your company.
  • We connect fragmented data sources, ensure seamless integration, and data-driven decision-making. This increases the speed and quality of internal information flow and reduces friction losses, for example, during the onboarding of new employees.

With our comprehensive approach to process automation, we have successfully improved processes at Siemens, TSCNET, andAllianz.

Hyperautomation | Motius GmbH
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Your Advantages

Be prepared for new ESG regulations such as the CSRD, EU Taxonomy, or the Supply Chain Act. With our expertise, we help you gain a comprehensive overview of ESG data and establish a holistic ESG data ecosystem with suppliers.

Process Optimization Logistics: ESG Tracking for Supply Chains

  • Automated data collection, analysis, and creation of ESG reports.
  • Secure and efficient peer-to-peer ESG data exchange with suppliers/customers.
  • AI-based simulations and "next best actions" for achieving ESG goals.

Seamless ESG tracking for supply chains is becoming increasingly important, especially due to upcoming legal changes. It's high time to align your logistics process optimizations with ESG. We operate asa comprehensive ESG solution provider and support our clients in setting up robust internal ESG data management systems. 
Moreover, we've developed AI tools for the automatic analysis of new ESG regulations and a special tool for secure peer-to-peer exchange of ESG data within the value chain. These cutting-edge technologies allow you full control over your data and ensure secure encryption.

ESG Tracking | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Our Fields of Expertise

Creating an Impact
in Various Fields

Production Automation

Production Automation

  • Maximize productivity, quality, and human potential for ultimate competitiveness and success.
  • We create custom tech solutions, automating and optimizing your production for peak performance.
User Experience

User Experience

  • We build software, HMIs and XR solutions that will be loved by your customers.
  • This enables new customer value and novel user experiences to drive business performance.
Product and Technology Innovation

Product and Technology Innovation

  • Pioneer product and tech innovations to enhance your competitiveness.
  • We guide you through the entire tech innovation process.


Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Our FAQ Center
What does Motius do?

As an R&D company, Motius is specialized in solving challenges with emerging tech to create longlasting value for leading companies. We offer end-to-end support from innovation consulting to customized technical development. To do this, Motius leverages a unique fluid structure that allows the experienced core team to be flexibly complemented as needed with know-how from a talent pool of more than 900 tech experts. This allows the ideal project team to be assembled for each task - with the latest expertise in future technologies.

Why should I join Motius?

At Motius, we prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge technologies for highly innovative R&D projects encompassing various tech stacks. While fostering a startup culture within our office, we also strive to establish regular processes and structures in daily work organization. Apart from providing the opportunity of remote and flexible work, Motius offers an array of remarkable features to cultivate a pleasant company culture. Our team events and regular activities, such as Spikeball championships and Pubquizes, are an integral part of life at Motius. Additionally, we aim to be an adaptable employer, accommodating different life phases and diverse individuals, while fostering a strong sense of unity. Through our Flex to Grow program, we provide opportunities for part-time work, unpaid leave, or sabbaticals and we also support you in starting a family through our Parental Leave Program.

How can Motius help my business?

Technologies are subject to rapid change and open up numerous opportunities for companies to grow. However, many struggle to harness them for actual value creation. We support leading companies at integrating the latest technologies and creating sustainable profitability. With our interdisciplinary expertise in production automation, product innovation, business process optimization, and user experiences, we incorporate future technologies into productive solutions.

What are your business hours?

Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

How does the application process work at Motius?

At Motius, our permanent positions follow a structured three-step application process. It starts with a first interview conducted by one of our recruiters, followed by a technical interview and finally our Motius Experience Day. For our talent pool, the application process consists of two steps. First, there is a talent pool interview, during which we assess your suitability for the pool based on your skills, experience, and potential. If selected, the second step involves a technical interview specifically tailored to a particular project role.