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What does Motius do?

As an R&D company, Motius is specialized in solving challenges with emerging tech to create longlasting value for leading companies. We offer end-to-end support from innovation consulting to customized technical development. To do this, Motius leverages a unique fluid structure that allows the experienced core team to be flexibly complemented as needed with know-how from a talent pool of more than 900 tech experts. This allows the ideal project team to be assembled for each task - with the latest expertise in future technologies.

General Questions
Why should I join Motius?

At Motius, we prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge technologies for highly innovative R&D projects encompassing various tech stacks. While fostering a startup culture within our office, we also strive to establish regular processes and structures in daily work organization. Apart from providing the opportunity of remote and flexible work, Motius offers an array of remarkable features to cultivate a pleasant company culture. Our team events and regular activities, such as Spikeball championships and Pubquizes, are an integral part of life at Motius. Additionally, we aim to be an adaptable employer, accommodating different life phases and diverse individuals, while fostering a strong sense of unity. Through our Flex to Grow program, we provide opportunities for part-time work, unpaid leave, or sabbaticals and we also support you in starting a family through our Parental Leave Program.

How can Motius help my business?

Technologies are subject to rapid change and open up numerous opportunities for companies to grow. However, many struggle to harness them for actual value creation. We support leading companies at integrating the latest technologies and creating sustainable profitability. With our interdisciplinary expertise in production automation, product innovation, business process optimization, and user experiences, we incorporate future technologies into productive solutions.

General Questions
What are your business hours?

Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

General Questions
How does the application process work at Motius?

At Motius, our permanent positions follow a structured three-step application process. It starts with a first interview conducted by one of our recruiters, followed by a technical interview and finally our Motius Experience Day. For our talent pool, the application process consists of two steps. First, there is a talent pool interview, during which we assess your suitability for the pool based on your skills, experience, and potential. If selected, the second step involves a technical interview specifically tailored to a particular project role.

What is Spacewalk VC?

Spacewalk is a deep tech venture capital fund (not a company builder) that invests in startups on the market as well as spinoffs out of Motius. Being a leading german R&D company, Motius guarantees tangible market insights, access to renowned customers, and a head-start on tech.

Spacewalk VC
What is the difference between the Core Team and the Talent Pool?

Motius has a fluid company structure: The core team is the backbone of our company. As a permanent member, you will not only contribute to ongoing projects but also assume responsibility for our long-term growth, encompassing both technological and business aspects. By becoming part of our Talent Pool, you will have the opportunity to work on a project basis. Therefore, we provide a diverse range of roles for freelancers and working students within our innovative tech projects.

What does it mean to be in the Talent Pool and what happens next?

Being a part of our talent pool signifies your inclusion in our vibrant tech community. While there is no immediate commitment or contractual relationship with Motius, we will keep you posted about our latest developments and upcoming events. As soon as a project role aligned with your skillset becomes available, we will reach out to you.

How does onboarding work for permanent employees at Motius?

For our permanent employees, the onboarding process begins with signing the contract and follows a structured onboarding plan that extends up to six months after your start date. For more detailed information, we invite you to read our blog article, which can be found here.

Working @Motius
How does onboarding work for Working Students and Freelancers at Motius?

Working students and freelancers at Motius undergo a targeted onboarding process tailored to their specific project. Initially, you will participate in an onboarding session that provides an overview of Motius as a company. Subsequently, you will engage in a kick-off meeting alongside your Project Manager and fellow team members, where you will receive project-specific information and set the foundation for collaboration.

Working @Motius
Information on Reporting Violations

Compliance violations harm the company, its employees and therefore society. In line with our core values, we would therefore like to encourage you to report any indications of violations of laws or other relevant breaches of rules. We have set up a digital reporting system for this purpose.

All employees of our company as well as our business partners (applicants and customers, etc.) can use this system to report violations of laws and guidelines - even completely anonymously.

  • The purpose of the whistleblower system is to receive reports about violations of laws, the Code of Conduct and guidelines. For general complaints or questions about our products or projects, please use our general contact address.
  • Please make only those reports where you are confident that the facts reported are true. Please refrain from deliberately untruthful statements or untrue facts, as this may result in criminal liability for the whistleblower. In cases of doubt, please mark your report as an assumption or statement by a third party.

Please follow this link to report an incident:

Working @Motius
What benefits does Motius offer its employees and where can I find them?

At Motius, we offer a wide range of benefits in areas such as flexibility, mobility, healthiness, learning & development, and more. Our goal is to provide each employee with the opportunity to optimize their benefits based on their individual needs and preferences, in order to enhance their personal and professional growth. For more details you can check our blog article “Working at Motius: Why You Should Join Us”.

Working @Motius
How can I grow at Motius?

In addition to a structured onboarding process, Motius places great importance on providing and receiving regular and continuous feedback. This is why we have regular performance checks throughout the year. Furthermore, once a year, we have our Performance & Progression Process, from which we derive promotions and individual learning and development plans with dedicated L&D budgets. Main benefit for our Tech Specialists is our internal hackathon, called "Discovery" to learn, apply, and explore new technologies. Furthermore, we offer other engaging informal exchange formats, such as our Learning Lunch sessions.

Working @Motius
Is working at Motius flexible and is it possible to work remotely?

We believe that you know best when and where you excel in your job. While not every position may offer the same level of flexibility, there are numerous avenues for flexible work at Motius. We have implemented a hybrid working model that allows for up to 50% remote work and offers flexible working hours. In addition to that, we also organize regular team days at the office to ensure that personal interaction is not lost. Flexibility is an integral part of our ethos, and we are continuously exploring additional ways to foster a flexible work environment. So, stay tuned for future developments!

Working @Motius
Does Motius offer opportunities for thesis projects, IDPs or mandatory internships?

In principle, we do provide opportunities for all three options, preferably with people who have previously worked with us as working students. Therefore, we normally do not have job postings for these positions on our website.

Working @Motius
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Just click “Unsubscribe” in the footer of the newsletter.

General Questions
How does Motius practice diversity and inclusion?

We foster an environment that values and celebrates diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, race, age, and background. We promote equal opportunities and strive to create a culture of inclusion where every individual feels respected, valued, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. Our policies, practices, and initiatives are designed to ensure fairness, eliminate biases, and create a supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees. Therefore, we have a dedicated Diversity Officer as an independent contact person for all matters concerning LGBTQ+, gender issues and cultural concerns. We also promote diversity through initiatives like our Flex to Grow program, flexible work options, teamwork, and open feedback with radical candor, fostering transparent communication and an inclusive environment.

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What is Motius University?

Motius University is a special format that follows you through your onboarding process, designed to make you familiar with topics specific to your role but also with important aspects from other departments. It includes information on our internal processes, best practices, and company culture packed into small workshops held by the our experts in the various areas of their respective tech-spertise (great pun huh?). So, for instance, our PI team will highlight how you should pitch Motius to customers, our Marketing staff will tell you all you need to know about our Corporate Identity and some of our Project Owners will introduce you to our way of setting up project teams. In total, we have more than 20 sessions for our new joiners and our Motees who are curious to learn more about different subjects.

General Questions
Why Motius Discovery?

We run Motius Discovery three times a year and it is separated into three parts: ideation, working slot, and conference. Discovery Ideation consists of open workshops where the participants themselves identify exciting topics they want to work on. More information in our blog article.

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