Production Automation: Industry 4.0 Solutions

Increased Efficiency in Your Production

Lower costs and improve your overall productivity through production automation. Our tailored solutions assist you in automating processes in manufacturing, logistics, and other areas, thereby boosting efficiency.

What We Offer

Automated Production

Unlocking Potential with Industry 4.0 Automation

Cost Reduction

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Production automation lowers costs and increases revenue.

Skilled Labor Shortage

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Automated production helps address the skilled labor shortage across all industries and functional areas.

Reliability and Traceability

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Automation of production enhances reliability and traceability without significantly increasing your costs.

Managing Complexity

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Enable quick and reliable responses with business process and production automation. This helps you manage increasing company complexity.

Automation unlocks new efficiency gains across all domains. It's crucial to maximize productivity, product quality, and human potential. Ultimately, it drives competitiveness and success in the industry.

Our Focus in Production Automation

Stay one step ahead of the competition. We support you in climbing the automation pyramid.

  • Optimize local or overarching patterns
  • Scale automation at the enterprise level
  • Improve KPIs (efficiency) and KQIs (effectiveness) for operational processes
  • Achieve the best cost-benefit ratio to generate innovative solutions with long-term sustainability
Areas of Production Automation
  • Adaptation of your operational processes and new technologies, e.g., through retrofitting, sensor systems
  • Support for operational staff, e.g., with dashboards and data science
  • Contextual automation, e.g., with fleet management
  • Predictive management, e.g., with machine learning
  • Autonomous decision-making, e.g., with self-learning and adapting systems
From Robotics to AI: Automation With the Right Technology

We ensure you utilize the right automation technology. This includes advising on the evaluation of various technologies (for example, the suitable AI for automation, AGVs, IIoT, or augmented reality) as well as analyzing and preparing the necessary data, from OT machine data to IT data platforms at the plant level. Our automation consulting also covers the aspect of user involvement (e.g., creating ownership and solution acceptance through appropriate usability) and business aspects (e.g., impacts on management processes, technology roadmaps, business cases, ...).

Reach the Next Level on the Automation Pyramid

In an Automation Consulting Assessment Workshop with us, define a strategic approach to take your production to the next level of the automation pyramid. We also define suitable concepts for automating your manufacturing processes and develop technological solutions together with you.

Combining Technologies and a Holistic Approach

Depending on your strategic needs, we combine three aspects to create an appropriate automation solution with you: business, user, technology.

  • The applied technology solution must fit to the user needs and eventually deliver an RoI.
  • We select relevant technologies and adapt that specifically to your needs.
  • Realizing automation usually starts from connecting base systems as used in your business processes.

After analyzing your current production process, we develop suitable technological solutions to increase automation. These solutions can range across different fields:

  • AMRs for intralogistics
  • Factory Data Platforms for further insights and automation
  • Digital Twins of Factories
  • Automated Quality Assurance based on Machine Learning
Our Project Phases

Automating Production in 4 Phases

We tailor our approach to your specific needs. Regardless of whether your company has already defined a concrete use case for production automation or whether we need to identify and evaluate one together: we support you in automating your production.

Preparation and Scoping | Motius GmbH

Preparing the Automation  of Your Production

  • Strategic goal setting
  • Overview of current/target state
  • Preliminary check and definition of key automation areas and use cases
  • Initial evaluation with experts from the process area
  • Assessment of the production automation roadmap
  • Information & IT architecture
  • Examination of available data
Assessment and Concept | Motius GmbH

Evaluation and Concept

  • Evaluation of operational processes and value streams in terms of costs, throughput, etc.
  • Comparison with best practices for production automation
  • Assessment of pain points, potentials, ROI, and definition of key actions
  • Development of concepts and technical feasibility studies (optional proof of benefit)
  • Definition of specific structures and measures, implementation roadmap
Phases to Success | Motius GmbH

Realization and Implementation

  • Cost-efficient development of a concrete (technical) solution
  • Development to production readiness
  • Technical and innovation consulting, e.g., business cases
  • Development support, e.g., during process introduction
  • Handover for implementation including organizational approval
Stabilization | Motius GmbH


  • Support and service during the solution implementation
  • Refinement of the solution, e.g., additional features
  • Service Level Agreements
Our Services

Our Expertise for
Your Production Automation ​

Industry 4.0 Automation for Your Production

We aim to evaluate and develop the best technical solutions for Industry 4.0 automation of your production with you. For this purpose, we bring expert knowledge from various fields.

Our Technical Expertise at a Glance

  • Software Development
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DevOps and MLOps
  • Robotics
  • Embedded Development
  • Digital Design (UX/UI)
  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • Innovation Consulting
Overview of Skills | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Boost your profitability and enhance your quality assurance with our state-of-the-art AI-driven platform. With AI automation, your production becomes faster and more reliable. Additionally, you receive valuable automated reports for optimizing your processes.

Automate Manufacturing with Intelligent Quality Assurance

  • Custom AI automations for your business: We are technical and subject matter experts in machine learning and computer vision for quality assurance.
  • Automation consulting for your QA processes: We provide an overview, identify bottlenecks, and highlight valuable potentials for improving pipelines.
  • Our approach: Structured analyses and visualizations in the decision-making process and swift implementation thanks to our modular platform solution. This enables you to automate your manufacturing quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent quality assurance is a fundamental component of modern production automation. Secure your company's leading position with new automation technology that integrates seamlessly into existing systems. Our flexible, innovative platform solution can be precisely tailored to your needs. The result? Continuous improvements, compliance with regulations, and cost savings.

Automated Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Transform your production to Industry 4.0 with a digital twin that provides real-time analyses and simulations. Among other benefits, you can optimize inventory levels, enhance decision-making processes, and make supply chains more efficient.

Automating Logistics and Business Processes with Digital Twin

  • Avoid production downtime: Our Digital Twins help you balance part inventories and shortages, thus ensuring optimal stock levels.
  • Real-time supply chain scenarios: Digital Twins enable the analysis and simulation of your logistics.
  • Automation of logistics processes: A Digital Twin saves your employees valuable time, reduces manual labor, and increases overall productivity.

In practice, we've utilized predictive analytics at Siemens to forecast the demand for spare parts. Our Digital Twin helps Siemens Healthineers aids in optimizing production, reducing downtime, and cutting maintenance costs. In another project, a Digital Twin was created for a Siemens factory to manage complex supply chain data and improve workflows and supply chain management.

Digital Twin Technology | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Automate your company's intralogistics with our end-to-end solution that utilizes powerful AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) for intelligent fleet management. Achieve greater efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in your production than ever before.

Revolutionize Your Intralogistics with Robot Automation

  • Drastic reduction in labor costs and increased productivity through industrial automation
  • A safer work environment with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Quick ROI and effective fleet optimization with our customized intralogistics robotics solutions

Whether it's automated storage systems or parts handling, our flexibly adaptable robotics solutions have been successfully implemented by us in various sectors for production automation. We solve your logistical challenges, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Intralogistics with AMRs | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Become more efficient through seamless automation of business processes and collect valuable data to make better decisions.

End-to-End Process Automation for Optimized Workflows

  • Short-term and long-term Automation Consulting: Structured approach, from potential identification and evaluation in your company to the implementation of concrete process automations.
  • Evaluation of technical possibilities, user needs, and business benefits - always tailored to your current situation and future plans.
  • Connecting fragmented data sources, seamless integration, and data-driven decision-making. Workflow automation increases the speed and quality of information flows while simultaneously reducing friction. Moreover, it accelerates the onboarding of new employees.

From a strategic perspective, clean process optimization is probably the most important component of successful production automation. Benefit from our technical expertise, which we have gathered in successful projects for the automation of business processes with Siemens, TSCNET, or Allianz.

Hyperautomation | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Advantages

Reduce downtime and maintain your machines with the help of Augmented Reality (AR). We assist you in bridging the gap between complex machinery and efficient repair, keeping your production a step ahead of time.

Augmented Reality for Efficient Machine Maintenance

  • Detailed visualization and real-time data: Enhanced view of circuit diagrams and schematics for precise repairs.
  • Efficient task management: Interactive user interface with live checklists that reduce errors and save time.
  • AI-powered insights: Machine learning algorithms provide predictive maintenance recommendations, thus optimizing repair processes in production.

We believe that AR solutions for complex machine repairs can and should be intuitive, efficient, and precise. Unlike many other products on the market, our approach is cross-technology and comprehensive. You get real-time schematics, AI-driven insights, and an interactive user interface. This allows your technicians to perform their tasks with unmatched accuracy and speed. We have mastered AR solutions in projects with Allianz, BMW, and TÜV. Whether it's a startup or a multinational corporation, our AR solution is tailored to the individual needs of each company.

Augmented Reality | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Our Fields of Expertise

Creating an Impact
in Various Fields

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

  • Technology enables new ways to increase efficiency, speed and effectiveness in organizations.
  • We enable tailored technology solutions aligned with your business goals.
User Experience

User Experience

  • We build software, HMIs and XR solutions that will be loved by your customers.
  • This enables new customer value and novel user experiences to drive business performance.
Product and Technology Innovation

Product and Technology Innovation

  • Pioneer product and tech innovations to enhance your competitiveness.
  • We guide you through the entire tech innovation process.


Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Our FAQ Center
What does Motius do?

As an R&D company, Motius is specialized in solving challenges with emerging tech to create longlasting value for leading companies. We offer end-to-end support from innovation consulting to customized technical development. To do this, Motius leverages a unique fluid structure that allows the experienced core team to be flexibly complemented as needed with know-how from a talent pool of more than 900 tech experts. This allows the ideal project team to be assembled for each task - with the latest expertise in future technologies.

Why should I join Motius?

At Motius, we prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge technologies for highly innovative R&D projects encompassing various tech stacks. While fostering a startup culture within our office, we also strive to establish regular processes and structures in daily work organization. Apart from providing the opportunity of remote and flexible work, Motius offers an array of remarkable features to cultivate a pleasant company culture. Our team events and regular activities, such as Spikeball championships and Pubquizes, are an integral part of life at Motius. Additionally, we aim to be an adaptable employer, accommodating different life phases and diverse individuals, while fostering a strong sense of unity. Through our Flex to Grow program, we provide opportunities for part-time work, unpaid leave, or sabbaticals and we also support you in starting a family through our Parental Leave Program.

How can Motius help my business?

Technologies are subject to rapid change and open up numerous opportunities for companies to grow. However, many struggle to harness them for actual value creation. We support leading companies at integrating the latest technologies and creating sustainable profitability. With our interdisciplinary expertise in production automation, product innovation, business process optimization, and user experiences, we incorporate future technologies into productive solutions.

What are your business hours?

Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

How does the application process work at Motius?

At Motius, our permanent positions follow a structured three-step application process. It starts with a first interview conducted by one of our recruiters, followed by a technical interview and finally our Motius Experience Day. For our talent pool, the application process consists of two steps. First, there is a talent pool interview, during which we assess your suitability for the pool based on your skills, experience, and potential. If selected, the second step involves a technical interview specifically tailored to a particular project role.