Robotic Innovation With the Aumovis LED Wall

How we developed the world’s first self-driving LED wall with Aumovis. From the prototype to a series of products on the hardware and software side.


"With the hardware and software development support for our autonomous LED walls, we are in very good hands with Motius. The pragmatic, reliable, and above all highly professional cooperation inspires us over and over again! And: Last but not least – it’s fun working with these guys”

Volker Zetsche
The Outcome

Our Final Result


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The Outcome

Our Final Result


Successful development and launch of an innovative robotics product – autonomously driving LED walls.

Uniqueness by Crafting Unprecedented Experiences

One-Of-A-Kind Innovation for the Event Industry

  • Product-based, iterative product development towards a final innovative and unique product – from prototype to a series of products (hardware and software).
  • The LED wall is a dynamic part of the stage design, creating a flexible and immersive show.
  • Revolutionizing room planning, this mobile wall can change settings in a matter of minutes due to its specifically designed GUI software.

With rapid prototyping, systems engineering, and series development, Motius enabled the launch of a complex robotics product to the market.

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The goal was to build a new product for the event industry which revolutionizes the usage of LED walls via robotics innovation.

Technical Advancements in the Face of Business Challenges​

As there don’t exist any similar products in the event industry, the LED wall had to be developed from scratch. During the agile product development process, the main challenge was to keep the costs low, while designing a high-tech solution. In the pre-series development, the physical limitations on the hardware side and the specific safety requirements of the product were particularly challenging. Besides the technical obstacles, the positioning of an event product in a saturated market was tricky.


A self-driving LED wall, controlled by various algorithms and a user-friendly directing software with a custom GUI to plan spectacular choreographies for live shows.


All About Aumovis

The World’s First Autonomously Moving LED Wall

Aumovis is a joint venture disrupting the event and entertainment industry. Their self-driving LED wall can be moved completely autonomously in the room and controlled precisely and thus ensures previously unknown productions, show experiences and stage setups.

The Process

Tackling the Challenge in a Four-Step Process


The first step in the innovation process was developing a concept, identifying technical requirements needed in the end product, and screening suppliers.

PoC and Prototype

Next, the first prototype for real scenario testing during shows was developed with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), a screen, and its own directing software.


Then the prototype went through various testing and feedback loops until the final product began to take shape, which is constantly being improved.

Product Launch

Through pre-series development, the first customer shows with 4 AGVs and robust software took place in Q2 2022. Since then, Aumovis has carried out several events with the newly developed LED wall.