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We use data and analytics to understand your processes and then create custom technology solutions to improve their performance.

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Boosting Your Processes
with Technology

We Help You Adapt to Current and Future Challenges.

Business processes never sleep. It's basically adapt or perish.

Staying competitive is crucial in the face of trends like security, global collaboration, supply chain resilience, or managing organizational knowledge for faster on- and offboarding of employees. Technology opens new ways to approach these arising challenges. They're the gateway to increase efficiency, speed, and effectiveness in organizations.

Efficiency Through Technology-Driven Business Processes

Analytics to understand – and technology to improve:


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Connecting and visualizing individual, contextual information and increasing accessibility.


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Managing or reducing complexity, especially when multiple departments, systems or process groups interact.


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Improving human-machine-interaction and cross-departmental communication – using tools and systems in an effective manner.


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Digital product & process twin applications, e.g. for supply chain, sustainability, product design and administration.

Viability, Desirability and Feasibility

Depending on your strategic needs, we combine three aspects to create an appropriate solution with you: business needs (viability), user needs (desirability), and technological options (feasibility).

  • The tech solution must fit your needs and deliver an actual ROI.
    We select relevant technologies and adapt them accordingly.
  • Optimizing business processes usually starts with connecting base systems, data, and your domain experts. In a structured way.
  • Next step: Derive additional insights by applying analytics. We create a deeper understanding. This new knowledge is the basis for creating advanced predictions.

There are many potential technologies which can be used, like:

  • retrofit sensor solutions to extract data continuously and allow life tracking
  • data management systems like Snowflake to bridge (data) silos
  • using knowledge graphs to enable faster information exchange and understand
  • RPA and (Edge) Machine & Reinforcement Learning to create automation and self-learning in your processes.

These always should be used according to the defined use-case at hand.

Our Project Phases

The 3 Phases to Success

We adapt our approach to your specific needs and starting point. Whether you already have defined a specific automation use case, or need to identify and evaluate it together: We're here for you.

Understand and Elaborate | Motius GmbH

Understand and Elaborate

  • Let's assess your status quo and potentials (e.g. by process mining, process walks, value stream analysis, data, or IT checks)
  • Elaborate fields for action and levers
  • Determine the big picture, roadmap, and a business value concept with concrete ROI
  • Define appropriate KPIs and KQIs for the process optimization
The Modern Data Stack Solution | Motius GmbH

Create and Stabilize Impact

  • Create holistic concepts and solutions (technical, business, user optimized) reflecting best practices
  • Involve stakeholders and domain experts for the change and create ownership
  • Implement solutions and steer improvement progress to metrics
  • Scale along the organization's value chain
Adjust and Improve Phase | Motius GmbH

Adjust and Improve

  • Conduct service to solutions
  • Evaluate actual improvement by defined metrics and drivers
  • Advise or create improvements, e.g. on operative application, processes, features, usability
  • Implement & measure impact by new adjustments
Our Services

Our Expertise for
Your Specific Needs ​

Re-Inventing Your Business

We strive to develop the best-suited tech solutions for you. That's why our team brings expert knowledge from various fields.

Overview of Skills

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Sciene and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DevOps and MLOps
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Embedded Development
  • Digital Design (UX/UI)
  • Front- and Backend Development
  • Innovation Consulting
Overview of Skills | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Key Benefits

Empower your business with a modern data architecture. Fuel agility, scalability, and actionable insights.

Unlock Business Growth with Data

  • Organizations that harness the power of a modern data stack outperform their peers, achieving up to 9% more in organic revenue growth.
  • Instant insights: Make informed decisions with real-time data processing and analytics.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Optimize your investments with cloud-native tools and modular platforms.

Our experience with industry leaders like Siemens, BMW, and Trumpf has proven the transformative impact of a unified and integrated data landscape. The result? More efficient reporting processes and the development of innovative products.

The Modern Data Stack Solution | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Key Benefits

Our solution empowers you to quickly navigate through vast documentation, extracting precise answers to complex questions, saving time and increasing productivity.

Efficient Document Search & Precise Answers

  • Drastically reduce the time you have to spend searching through extensive documents.
  • Get precise and accurate answers based on direct references from the documents.
  • Be able to seamlessly integrate it with various internal documentation storage systems.

By leveraging advanced language models, we ensure that no relevant text passages slip past you. With successful implementations like at Betalabs, our tool not only saves time but also guarantees the quality of outcomes, making it an indispensable asset for sectors ranging from machinery to legal compliance.

Document QA | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Key Benefits

Empower your organization with end-to-end process automation, leveraging data and advanced technologies for efficiency, growth and better decision-making.

Streamlined Operations with Process Automation

  • A structured approach to navigating the automation journey from identifying potentials in your organization to implementing concrete solutions, short- to long-term.
  • We reflect technical options, actual user needs and what makes sense most from a business perspective - always custom to your current situation and future ambitions.
  • We connect fragmented data sources, ensure seamless integration and data-driven decision-making. This increases speed and quality of information flows while reducing friction in your organization. In addition, it helps to onboard new employees faster.

Our solution, backed by successful projects with e.g. Siemens, TSCNET, and Allianz, offers a comprehensive approach to business process automation.

Hyperautomation | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Your Key Benefits

We are here to ensure you are well-prepared for new ESG regulations like CSRD, EU Taxonomy, Supply Chain Act, etc. Our expertise will assist you in gaining comprehensive insights into ESG data and help you create a holistic ESG Data Ecosystem with your suppliers.

Navigating ESG Challenges with Innovative Solutions

  • Automated data collection, analysis, and ESG report generation.
  • Secure and efficient Peer-to-Peer ESG Data Exchange with Suppliers/Customers
  • AI-based simulations and “next best actions” to achieve ESG goals.

At Motius, our expertise lies in the research and development of new technologies. We operate as a comprehensive ESG solution provider, aiding our clients in the establishment of robust internal ESG data management systems.

In addition, we've developed AI-Tools for automated analysis of emerging ESG regulations, alongside a dedicated tool for secure Peer-to-Peer ESG Data Exchange within the value chain. These state-of-the-art technologies grant complete control over data and ensure secure encryption.

ESG Tracking | Motius GmbH
Quality Assurance | Motius GmbH

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Our Fields of Expertise

Creating an Impact
in Various Fields

Production Automation

Production Automation

  • Maximize productivity, quality, and human potential for ultimate competitiveness and success.
  • We create custom tech solutions, automating and optimizing your production for peak performance.
User Experience

User Experience

  • We build software, HMIs and XR solutions that will be loved by your customers.
  • This enables new customer value and novel user experiences to drive business performance.
Product and Technology Innovation

Product and Technology Innovation

  • Pioneer product and tech innovations to enhance your competitiveness.
  • We guide you through the entire tech innovation process.


Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and helpful answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Our FAQ Center
What does Motius do?

As an R&D company, Motius specializes in turning emerging technologies into long-lasting value for leading companies. We offer holistic end-to-end support from strategy consulting to technical assistance. To do this, Motius leverages a unique fluid structure that allows the experienced core team to be flexibly complemented as needed with experts from a talent pool of more than 900 tech talents. This allows the ideal project team to be assembled for each task - with the latest expertise in all future technologies.

Why should I join Motius?

At Motius, we prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge technologies for highly innovative R&D projects encompassing various tech stacks. While fostering a startup culture within our office, we also strive to establish regular processes and structures in daily work organization. Apart from providing the opportunity of remote and flexible work, Motius offers an array of remarkable features to cultivate a pleasant company culture. Our team events and regular activities, such as Spikeball championships and Pubquizes, are an integral part of life at Motius. Additionally, we aim to be an adaptable employer, accommodating different life phases and diverse individuals, while fostering a strong sense of unity. Through our Flex to Grow program, we provide opportunities for part-time work, unpaid leave, or sabbaticals and we also support you in starting a family through our Parental Leave Program.

How can Motius help my business?

Technologies are subject to rapid change and open up numerous opportunities for companies to grow. However, many struggle to harness them for actual value creation. We support leading companies at integrating the latest technologies and creating sustainable profitability. With our interdisciplinary expertise in production automation, product innovation, business process optimization, and user experiences, we incorporate future technologies into productive solutions.

What are your business hours?

Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

How does the application process work at Motius?

At Motius, our permanent positions follow a structured three-step application process. It starts with a first interview conducted by one of our recruiters, followed by a technical interview and finally our Motius Experience Day. For our talent pool, the application process consists of two steps. First, there is a talent pool interview, during which we assess your suitability for the pool based on your skills, experience, and potential. If selected, the second step involves a technical interview specifically tailored to a particular project role.