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Motius' vision is to be the best place for techies and tech enthusiasts. In this blog post, we explain how we turn our vision into reality with our Talent Journey & our personal growth initiatives.

April 2024
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Sophie Näck
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In the tech industry, having the best people is the key to success. But attracting and retaining them is a challenge. One key element of our solution? The Motius Talent Journey - clear career paths for our team. Through transparent incentives and decision mechanisms, we empower our Motees to grow and be the engine of growth for Motius by increasing the business impact. With our Talent Journey, our Motees get a good idea of where they are and where to go. Let’s explore the key elements of our Talent Journey.

Key #1: The Talent Journey Gives Future Directions

Our Talent Journey serves as a roadmap and offers concrete direction, visualizing possible career paths for everyone and steps to reach the destination.

Here is how it works: Before joining Motius, everyone’s individual needs are matched with our Talent Journey paths, creating a personalized blueprint for orientation. This process ensures alignment between Motees and Motius, evaluates the optimal path for each individual, and outlines the necessary steps to achieve their goals. For those unsure of their destination, the Talent Journey offers a variety of opportunities.

Key #2: The Talent Journey Drives Constant Development

Once a Motee enters the Talent Journey, they are on a path of constant development. Our main focus at Motius involves working on innovative customer projects in interdisciplinary teams. This allows Motees to enhance both their professional and interpersonal skills. With varying responsibilities and tasks in different projects, Motees experience a dynamic and engaging work environment, a crucial element for employee satisfaction.

Going beyond professional development, the Talent Journey places a spotlight on self-development, offering opportunities to enhance soft skills, pursue personal projects, or specialize in technical fields. You want to improve your presentation skills? Why not participate in a speaker event? You want to build this crazy thing you have always dreamed about? Do it in the next Motius Tech Discovery, a regular internal hackathon designed for exploring new tech. You want to specialize in a certain tech field with a nanodegree? We will find a way to support you! Regular reassessment sessions ensure alignment, foster progress, and set the stage for your personal growth.

Key #3: The Talent Journey Enables Real Impact

Motius was founded to enable techies and tech enthusiasts to have a meaningful impact. This is what we have been doing since day one and what we will continue to do. Obviously, the Talent Journey has to include this as well. So how do we do that?

Motees very often engage directly with customers, acquiring projects, developing ideas, and iterating them based on feedback. The roles in our Talent Journey clarify that Motees work with customers and not for them, ensuring they receive recognition for the impact they have. Beyond project work, we also encourage activities like writing blog articles, participating in networking events and hackathons, to amplify the impact Motees have on the world. The Talent Journey is a testament to Motius' commitment to individuality, ensuring every Motee can have the impact they desire.

Key #4: The Talent Journey Maximizes Individual Pathways

Our last key is simple: Our Talent Journey is personalized. It's not a one-size-fits-all tool, but a customizable framework. The paths are like a blueprint for every individual journey. We do that to provide individual direction, development, and impact within our company culture. This individuality is our way to celebrate every single Motee – because they deserve it.

What Else Guides Us Towards Our Vision?

Wondering what else we provide to master the Motius Talent Journey? We support you through our Learning & Development framework, tailored to your unique journey. Our L&D structure aims to provide guidance that supports reaching goals - both on a company and on an individual level. It serves as a tool to reflect on aspirations, identify actions and implement them.

We offer Likeminded, a platform dedicated to personal growth and coaching. Motees use it to enhance skills in self-management, communication, and conflict management. As a buffer against mental stress, Likeminded not only provides continuous support but also access to experts during challenging times.

To make progress even more interactive, we've set up Knowledge Sharing platforms to share our experiences, covering everything from our successes to our mistakes. We host Architecture Talks where we discuss challenges faced, solutions found and tool stacks used in our projects. Our Learning Lunches offer a casual setting for inspiration and knowledge-sharing. And then there are our Shitty Talks where we openly discuss setbacks we've encountered while sharing valuable lessons learned along the way.

Feedback Culture: We believe that constructive feedback is a valuable gift that supports personal and professional growth. We put a lot of effort into cultivating a feedback culture where everyone feels empowered to share both positive affirmations but also the not so easy part: constructive feedback and things that should be reconsidered. We continuously practice this process to ensure that Motius remains a constantly improving place for techies and tech enthusiasts.

The Talent Journey and all its add-ons are a crucial step towards becoming the best place for techies and tech enthusiasts. Make sure to check out our job openings to start your own individual Talent Journey.

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