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Our onboarding journey and insights in our different initiatives are all aimed to foster our culture, community and a succesful start at Motius.

April 2024
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Julia Augustin
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As we already established here, there are plenty of good reasons to join us. But what happens after the deed is done, the ink is dry and your personal journey at Motius starts?

Pre-Boarding – From Signature to the First Day  

Let's kick off with our comprehensive onboarding process. Firstly, when does it start? Not on your actual first day, but rather when you sign your contract, which marks the beginning of your journey as a Motee. Before you set foot in the office on your first day, you'll have the opportunity to choose your preferred notebook and OS, enabling us to personalize it and ensure a seamless start for you. You’ll also receive a welcome email with all the relevant details about your team, insights into our company's strategy, and a warm welcome video from our Co-founder & CFO, Daniel – essentially, everything you need to know for your start at Motius. Some of our teams might even invite you to any ongoing team-building activities, giving you the chance to meet your future colleagues in advance. Ready, set, let's dive into your first day!

The First Day

You've made it to the office, so what's next? Well, your laptop is waiting for you, along with some cool Motius goodies. Before delving into the specifics of your new position, all new Motees gather for a general Motius onboarding session. You'll then join your team or your onboarding buddy for a delightful lunch, where you can socialize and get to know your colleagues in a relaxed setting. Your afternoon continues with a one-on-one kickoff meeting with your supervisor. During this meeting, your personalized onboarding plan will be shared with you, outlining your first tasks, providing an overview of the upcoming weeks, and scheduling coffee meetups with colleagues to ensure a smooth start. The rest of the day is dedicated to settling in and familiarizing yourself with your new working environment. At the end of your first day, you’ll have a short check-out session with a member of the People & Talents team to reflect on your day and share your impressions.

“With Motius University I felt welcomed from day 1 on. Several other colleagues were actively approaching me to have a coffee or lunch together“ - Daniel Turba, Project Owner
Your free starter pack

The First 10 Days

After 10 days, when your email signature is set up, passwords are saved, and things are starting to take shape, it's time for your first feedback session with your supervisor. This is a review session where you can give feedback, plan for the upcoming weeks, discuss your responsibilities, and share your impressions. If anything is unclear or overwhelming, in this meeting everything will be explained and your questions answered. Since we're a tech company, you'll be exposed to many new and exciting technologies, so it's important that you familiarize yourself with our data security policies by completing your TISAX training.

Motius' structured approach to onboarding spreads the important information out over you first months, so that you learn things when they become relevant to you and don't have to take everything in at once.” - Joshua Hunt, Tech Specialist

Meet Your Onboarding Buddy

The Onboarding Buddy program is designed to help new Motees integrate socially and culturally at Motius. Your buddy will support you throughout the probation period and ensure that you feel empowered to fully integrate into the company. With your buddy, you can enjoy regular lunch breaks, coffee chats, after-work activities, and more – you name it.

“I have rarely experienced such a structured and well-organized onboarding as with Motius – that made it a lot easier for me to get started.Through my onboarding buddy, joint coffee breaks, and lunch dates, I felt welcome right from the start and met lovely people.” - Sophie Näck, Recruiting Coordinator

So, What Is Motius University?

Motius University is our onboarding program for new Motees designed to introduce you to the different teams that work at Motius and some of our key processes. For instance our Sales and Partner Impact team will show you how to pitch Motius to customers, our Marketing team will tell you all you need to know about our corporate identity and our Tech Clusters will introduce you to the tech stacks we love at Motius.

The one Motius University session that every Motee should see is the DNA session with one of our Co-founder & CEO, Zièd, who had the initial idea for Motius. In this session, you will receive insights into the Motius history experience featuring funny anecdotes, the importance of a bootstrap mentality, and what Motius stands for. Let's just say it might make you want to tell all your friends about us!  

“The Motius University Sessions are great and through them, I got a 360-degree view on how we act as an organization altogether!” - Florian Bellmann, Team Lead & Senior Tech Specialist

The First 3-6 Months

The first months in a new role can be challenging. It’s highly individual and every position comes with its own set of challenges. No worries, though, we will make sure that your onboarding journey is tailored to your specific job description. After 3 months, we will have another feedback review to evaluate how things are going and if there is anything we can tweak to make better for you. Your personalized onboarding program will customized based on your role and level of experience. We will ensure you receive the guidance you need.

After about 5 months, you will have a probation period review with your supervisor. During this session, feedback will be shared from both perspectives. Additionally, you will work together to define the right actions for your development and create your individual Learning and Development (L&D) plan at Motius. After 6 months being with us, your onboarding will be complete.

Your journey at Motius just started. Have a look at our blog post how it continues.

“My onboarding wasn't just informative, it launched me straight into a cool project.” Tetiana Klymenko, Tech Specialist

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