Working at Motius: Why You Should Join Us

Some hard facts on why you should head over to that talent section and apply for one of our openings. Benefits, personal growth, and company culture.

May 2021
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Motius GmbH
The Best Place for Techies
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“Our innovation is the limit to what we can do, and at Motius we have limitless innovation.” - André, Project Owner

Team and Company Culture

At Motius we want to enable. We want to enable talented minds to have the biggest possible impact on the world. Specifically, we want to be the best place for techies. So far, so good. How do we do this?

Very important to us is the right team and company vibe. We value a wide variety of projects, a common growth mindset, and a decentralized hierarchy without top-down management. This allows for open communication and continuous feedback loops. We are looking for self-driven solution finders and entrepreneurial thinkers who understand that Motius is a diverse community, which embraces individuality and empathy to ensure a great team spirit. This is our mindset.

Wow, that was a lot of PR talk. Let’s continue with something more fun.

We love activities we can do together. We go mointainbiking, visit climbing halls or just meet up for a beer after work. A special highlight is the surprise trip once a year, where the entire Core Team takes a joint vacation for a few days. The catch is that no one knows the destination until the actual departure. We have already been to Muscat, Stockholm, Riga, and Venice. To recover from the exhausting pandemic, we treated ourselves with a wellness surprise trip in the Alps last year and this year’s trip is already in the making. Fingers crossed, that Covid permits it… And yes, legendary parties are also part of the routine. Christmas, Summer…you name it. There are also regular teambuilding events within the project teams. We want to get to know and stay in communication with each other.

“I really appreciate the inspiring atmosphere at Motius and the huge impact our PT Team has on different strategic topics. The mix of shaping the structure and culture of a tech grown-up  in combination with daily new challenges motivates me every day to extend my own comfort  zone.” - Mareike, Head of People & Talents

Common Growth

Hey, we’re not only partying. Of course, we also love professional advancement. Right now, the Core Team has over 90 employees and our Talent Pool includes around 800 freelancers, consultants, and students. All of those people joined Motius because of their love for new tech and innovative projects. As we need to keep them entertained and because it is our mission to build the products of the future, we have a dedicated selection process for new projects. In this way, our employees are always working on the cutting edge of technology and are able to constantly develop themselves through their daily work.

And then, there’s the Motius Discovery Camp and Conference. Once a quarter, we reserve time outside of projects to give our employees the opportunity to experiment with the latest tech trends. The results are then presented to other Motees, as well as external interested parties, at the Discovery Conference. Pretty awesome, huh?

Even more regularly we host the Motius Learning Lunches. This event is intended to serve the internal know-how transfer. Important technological findings from various projects are prepared and presented – obviously only NDA-compliant and exclusively within the company.

“What excites me about working at Motius is that I can use my creative mind to shape accessible and innovative products for hungry customers, as well as be inspired by the growth mindset of the people around me.” (Sarah, Project Owner)

Other than that, we do a bunch of other cool stuff to provide you with opportunities for further education and training like your own role-specific personal development plan and budget. We value decentralism and an organizational structure that enables our tech clusters to make their own decisions and enforce self-organized teams. We follow an agile approach to our project management that allows us to deliver results in short intervals and more regularly. This makes it easier to evaluate results and requirements continuously and to respond to change quickly.

“I started hacking on Embedded Systems for Motius about 3 years ago. There is a great variety of topics and projects to work on, so I am constantly challenged and can discovery new stuff. The team is a bunch of lovely freaks.” - Sebastian, Team Lead & Embedded Engineer

Office Vibes & Benefits

So far we have nice people doing nice things together as well as optimal conditions to work on innovative tech and to develop your skills. But what about the office? No one wants to work in a gray log on the prairie.

Our headquarters are in Munich, three other offices in Stuttgart, Belgrade and Dubai. We have fixed, open and standing desks, our own workshop, foosball table, table tennis, and much more. The kitchen is always equipped with fresh fruit, drinks, and coffee. And hey, always keep your screen locked, otherwise, you’ll have to bring cake for the whole company.

Every new employee is assigned an onboarding buddy who answers questions, establishes contacts, and makes the start easier. If you want, you will be randomly assigned another Motee to have lunch with in our “lunch-lottery“. Alternatively, there is also always a large group of people who go to get food together.

If you like biking to work (or anywhere else), you can get a JobRad, which basically works like leasing a company car. Just that you lease a bike instead. You can save up to 40% of the direct purchase price and we cover insurance as well as a mobility guarantee. To clear your head after work, you can have a nice beer with your colleagues – or you might join our weekly yoga class at the office. Another goodie is a so-called Edernred Card. Motius tops it up with 44€/month per person and you can use it in countless online and offline stores.

You’re kinda picky when it comes to the devices you work with? No worries, our is motto to be “the best place for techies”, which is why you can choose your own device. Because we know it’s not all same, same.

Flexibility for the Win

Covid or not, we believe that you know best, when or where you excell at your job. Sure, not every position allows the same type of flexibility, but there are many ways to work flexibly. At Motius we have a hybrid work model with up to 50% remote work and flexible working hours. Flexibility obviously also means, that we are constantly evolving and considering further ways to work flexibly. So, stay tuned!

In a nutshell, we work very hard to put our values, mindset, and vision into practice. We want to have as much fun as possible and still always deliver the best performance. Naturally, there is always room for improvement and we need you to become even better.

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