Working at Motius: Why You Should Join Us

Some hard facts on why you should head over to that talent section and apply for one of our openings. Benefits, personal growth, and company culture.

May 2024
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Kristina Abbt
People & Workplace Coordinator
Safety & TISAX
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Team and Company Culture

Very important to us is the right team and company vibe. We value a wide variety of projects, a common growth mindset, and a decentralized hierarchy without top-down management. This facilitates transparent communication and fosters ongoing feedback cycles. We are looking for self-driven solution finders and entrepreneurial thinkers who understand that Motius is a diverse community, which embraces individuality and empathy to ensure a great team spirit. This is our mindset.

Phew, that felt like swimming in a pool of PR jargon, right? Let's dive into something more exciting, shall we?

We see ourselves as more than just a tech company and promote a positive team culture. For this, we organize ourselves via different Slack groups. So far, we have groups of mountain biking, climbing, hiking, running, board games, snow activities, coffee lovers, book club, and manymore. The most beloved benefit of being part of our community, accordingto our Motees, is our annual Surprise Trip. For this occasion, we step awayfrom our daily routines and dedicate a weekend to enjoying quality time together. The catch is that no one knows the destination until the actual departure. Among others, we‘ve been to Muscat, Stockholm, Riga, Venice,and Prague. To reduce our carbon footprint, we recently started reducing our radius a bit and visited Werfenweng and Garmisch-Partenkirchen where we enjoyed wellness, team building, and legendary parties. And yes, legendary parties are also part of the life at Motius. Christmas, Summer, Friday parties... you name it. There are also regular team-building events within the project teams. We want to get to know and stayin touch with each other. This is why we always try to make sure that our Re-Motees from Stuttgart, Serbia, and India join our main company eventsin Munich. Our Munich headquarters serves as the central hub for bringingtogether all our team members during our Culture Weeks. During these weeks, we combine different types of internal events to foster our culture through personal connection, knowledge sharing and fun. We do this through various planned activities or simply by spending time together sharing meals and experiences. 

“I really appreciate the inspiring atmosphere at Motius and the huge impact our PT Team has on different strategic topics. The mix of shaping the structure and culture of a tech grown-up in combination with daily new challenges motivates me every day to extend my own comfort zone.” - Mareike, Head of People & Talents

Common Growth

Hey, we’re not only partying. Of course, we also thrive for personal and professional growth. Right now, the Core Team has over 100 employees and our Talent Pool includes around 800 freelancers, consultants, and students. All of those people joined Motius because of their love for new tech and innovative projects. In 2023, we also founded Spacewalk VC, a venture capital fund specializing in deep tech investments. We focus on pre-seed and seed-stage startups solving complex problems with proprietary technologies. We employ a structured selection process to familiarize ourselves with the talents in our pool and understand their preferred technical expertise, enabling us to match them effectively with suitable projects. This way, our employees are always working on the cutting edge of technology and are able to constantly develop themselvesthrough their daily work. We make sure to staff the right teams for our client projects, and do also try to make sure to give learning opportunities as part of it.

Additionally, we host the Motius Discovery Camp and Conference. During these dedicated sessions, we set aside time from ongoing projects to encourage our employees to explore and experiment with cutting-edge technology trends. The outcomes of these endeavors are showcased to other Motees, and external stakeholders at the Discovery Conference. It's an exciting opportunity to collaborate and share innovative ideas, wouldn't you agree?

Even more regularly, we host so-called Learning Lunches, where Motees can showcase their expertise and passions over a delicious meal at lunchtime. During these learning lunches, Motees share their knowledge in fields they are experts at. These topics span from mastering the art of project management to delving into the complexities of quantum of quantum physics.

“What excites me about working at Motius is that I can use my creative mind to shape accessible and innovative products for hungry customers, as well as be inspired by the growth mindset of the people around me.”  (Sarah, Senior Project Owner)

In addition to that, we offer plenty of exciting opportunities aimed at fostering your continuous education and growth. These include tailored personal development plans and budgets specific to your role. Embracing decentralization, we prioritize an organizational structure that empowers our tech clusters to make autonomous decisions and cultivate self-organizing teams. Our project management methodology follows an agile approach, enabling us to deliver results in short, iterative cycles. This
approach facilitates continuous evaluation of results and requirements, allowing us to swiftly adapt to change.

“I started hacking on Embedded Systems for Motiusabout 6 years ago. There is a great variety of topics and projects to work on, so I am constantly challenged and can discover new stuff. The team is a bunch of lovely freaks.” (Sebastian, Team Lead & Embedded Engineer)

Office Vibes & Benefits

We're proud to say that we've cultivated a community of kind-hearted individuals engaging in meaningful collaborations, complemented by an ideal environment for pioneering technological endeavors and skill enhancement. We have already reported on our Motius Culture Week above and our office naturally plays a central role in this.

Join us in our dynamic workspace where you'll find an array of options to suit your work style - from fixed, open space, to standing desks. Need a break? Enjoy our well-equipped workshop or engage in a game of table tennis or table football. And let's not forget about our fully stocked kitchen, always fully stocked with fresh fruits, beverages, and coffee to fuel your day. Oh, and remember to keep your screen locked. Otherwise, prepare to share some sweetness with the entire team by bringing in a delicious cake!

You’re kinda picky when it comes to the devices you work with? No worries, our motto is to be “the best place for techies”, which is why you can choose your own device. Because we know it’s not all same, same.

At our office and during our events, we believe in more than just productivity and success; we also consider our responsibility to the environment. We've implemented practices to minimize our ecological footprint. One of our foremost initiatives involves waste separation, ensuring that each material finds its appropriate destination. Moreover, we've embraced the concept of reducing single-use cutlery at our events.

If you like biking to work (or anywhere else), you can get a JobRad, which basically works like leasing a company car. Just that you lease a bike instead. You can save up to 40% of the direct purchase price, and we cover insurance as well as a mobility guarantee. As we want to promote the use of sustainable means of transportation, we do also offer access to the Deutschlandticket for all permanent Motees.

Another goodie is a so-called Edenred Card. Motius tops it up with 44€/month per person, and you can use it in countless online and offline stores. Sports enthusiasts at Motius love our most recent benefit: Wellpass. It offers Germany-wide access to the sports and wellness network, has plenty of online offerings around sport, nutrition, meditation and mental coaching. All Motees can choose between the Edenred Card or Wellpass and thus adapt their benefits to their needs.

Flexibility for the Win

We believe that you know best, when or where you excel at your job. Sure, not every position allows the same type of flexibility, but there are many ways to work flexibly. At Motius we have a hybrid work model with up to 50% remote work and flexible working hours. Flexibility obviously also means, that we are constantly evolving and considering further ways to work flexibly. So, stay tuned!

In addition, we have implemented our program“Flex to Grow” to offer and promote possibilities to take a Sabbatical or just a longer vacation or evenswitch to part-time. “Flex to Grow” is our answer towards a bigger, more grown-up Motius that wants to offer opportunities for all of us to be flexible, and to grow more long-term with the company.

In a nutshell, we work very hard to put our values, mindset, and vision into practice. We want to have as much fun as possible and still always deliver the best performance. Naturally, there is always room for improvement and we need you to become even better.

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