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Spacewalk VC FAQ for Talents

Questions & answers about Spacewalk, our in-house Venture Capital fund for deep tech innovation. Learn more in this FAQ with our CEO Zied.

November 2022
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Zied Bahrouni
Co-Founder & CEO
>12 years of Experience
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Our mission is to be the best place for techies. We want to be a place where they can fulfill their curiosity, realize their ambitions, and strive for self-fulfillment.

Sounds ambitious?

Well, it is. Also, it’s one of the main reasons why we founded Motius a decade ago – and why we launched our very own VC fund Spacewalk this year. This enables a truly holistic career path at Motius and creates an ecosystem to fund ideas with a proven product-market fit. Let’s break down, what this exactly means for you as a talent.

Spacewalk Sounds Cool, But What Is It?

Spacewalk is an early-stage deep tech VC fund. It leverages Motius’ unique market insights as a leading R&D company to invest in startups on the market or to spin off promising projects from our core business with the necessary financing and immediate competitive advantages powered by our broad client base.

Motius & Spacewalk: A Great Ecosystem for Tech Talents

If you are interested in tech, a mixture of R&D and VC is a great place to be. At the R&D company (Motius), you are able to experiment with emerging tech and solve real-world problems with them. If you then have the aspiration to found a company, the VC fund (Spacewalk) can support you.

Important: In terms of ownership, a company backed by Spacewalk is similar to other VCs. That means the founders/entrepreneurs will own the majority of the company. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that is the only way to build successful start-ups.

Spacewalk FAQ

Launching Spacewalk VC is a big step for us. Like every new and exciting endeavor, Spacewalk also raises many questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them:

Does Spacewalk Only Fund Ideas From Within Motius?

No. Spacewalk is set up as an independent VC fund that nevertheless has the edge of Motius. This means it will invest both in companies spun off from Motius as well as companies on the market.

What Makes Motius the Strategic Edge of Spacewalk?

We believe our VC fund Spacewalk has significant competitive advantages in deep tech investments because of Motius. Why? First, Motius gives you access to the latest technologies. Second, you can test the product-market-fit of an existing business idea in projects with leading companies and their broad customer base as clients. In our article “The deep in deep tech is for deep problems”, we describe the trends in deep tech products and how to react to them by building a new kind of VC.

How Would the Journey from Motius to Spacewalk Look Like?

By joining Motius, you will start solving the real-world problems of our customers with new technologies. You can do that as an engineer, designer, product owner, engagement manager, sales manager, or any other role in Motius. In these roles, you will be very well-positioned to discover new market needs and understand them on a deep level. Moreover, you will have deep insights into emerging tech and its applications. This increases the chances of you developing your own idea of a product or that your project develops into a product to be spun off. Spacewalk will be continuously scouting for ideas and projects that could develop into a good investment case. These potential investment cases will be evaluated by Spacewalk’s investment committee (a VC team). In case Spacewalk decides to invest, the company is spun off and the team behind it holds a majority. This does not mean that if you join Motius you will have to submit ideas or take part in a spin-off. Spacewalk is only one among several career options at Motius.

What About the Future of Motius Beyond Spacewalk?

We built Motius into a unique R&D company specialized in emerging tech. It has been among the fastest-growing companies in Germany and proved that a fluid structure is an effective way to do R&D. The advantages it offers to Spacewalk are a side-effect of its success. Therefore, Motius will continue to grow as an R&D company. We aim to discover more new technologies and solve more real-world problems with them. The great thing about that is: as long as Motius is successful, Spacewalk is successful too.

Ready for Take-Off

Now you know how and why we leap into the unknown with Spacewalk VC. Just like the astronaut above (which we created with the ‘magic’ of Stable Diffusion). If you want to dive deeper into our DNA and get more background information on Spacewalk, tune in to this recent Podcast from TUM Venture Labs with me. Now: are you ready to take off with us? Join us and get the opportunity to revolutionize the products and production processes of entire industries.

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